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Applications for the 2011 call for the AUDIT programme now being accepted

The 2010 call for the AUDIT programme is aimed at all departments, faculties, institutions and universities in the Catalan higher education system. As in the previous call, universities can either submit internal quality assurance systems (IQAS) specific to a department, faculty or institution (designed and adapted to the characteristics and distinguishing attributes of each participating institution) or general IQAS models for the university as a whole. 

In order to participate in the call of the 2011 AUDIT programme, the university institutions can submit to AQU Catalunya the adhesion application (expansion modality or assessment modality) throughout the year.

WORD Extension application form [ca]
WORD Assessment application form [ca]

Enllaç extern AUDIT documents

  • ENQA
  • EQAR
  • ISO

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