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Conclusions of the ASEAN-QA project


The closing conference of the ASEAN-QA project, held in Bangkok on 9, 10 and 11 October, highlighted the fact that steady headway is being made in the joint Area for higher education for countries in South-East Asia. In 2015 the ASEAN Economic Community will take full effect, with the free circulation of professionals, one of the objectives of which is the setting up of quality assurance systems within a common framework.

The experience of the European Union serves as a point of reference in this process involving the integration of the ASEAN economies, which cover a population of 600 million inhabitants and 5,000 universities. Understanding and relationships between European and South-East Asian networks are important for the encouragement of joint cooperation projects that provide mutual benefits in the sphere of higher education and research. AQU Catalunya participated in this project as a member of the European agencies network (ENQA).

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