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The AQU Catalunya programme on Training students in quality assurance in higher education, selected as an example of good practice for European universities

The European project, Quality Assurance for the Higher Education Change Agenda (QAHECA) by the European Universities Association (EUA), which has the support of the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme, has selected the AQU Catalunya programme on Training students in quality assurance processes in higher education as good practice in Europe for universities and QA agencies.

The Catalan experience was one out of nine selected from a total of thirty to be presented at the National University of Ireland in the closing session of the QAHECA project, as a result of the scientific committee considering it to be a creative measure that deals with the growing need, by the universities and agencies, for students to be involved in and committed to their institutions.

Promoted by AQU Catalunya, the programme to train students in quality assurance in higher education began in 2005 and was applied in specific courses in various Catalan universities. At the present time, the programme is being promoted by the Agency and the universities in order for it to become more widespread. The ultimate objective is to provide university students with the skills and knowledge to gain maximum benefit from their involvement in university quality assurance processes.

PDF document Training students in quality assurance in higher education: the Programme

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