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Reminder: Reports to be submitted for the Experimental Monitoring Programme

The main aims of the Experimental Monitoring Programme of recognised Bachelor and Master’s degrees are:

  • To contribute to the design of the procedure to be used for monitoring recognised degree courses.
  • To define the structure and content of the annual reports to be drawn up by the universities.

The programme is divided into two stages. In the first, which has already been completed, the participating universities described the process that they will develop to monitor two recognised degree programmes (one bachelor and one master), their proposals for the structure and content of the progress report, and the relationship between monitoring and their internal quality management systems. An ad hoc committee assessed these documents and, following their analysis, issued the Guidelines and recommendations for programme progress reports, together with the corresponding evaluation reports for each participating university.

In the second stage, the universities have to produce the progress reports for the participating bachelor and master’s degree courses, which must include the public information on the development in practice of the curriculum, the monitoring indicators, the analytical assessment of the running of the degree course and any enhancement proposals and modifications that stem from this. Universities must submit the progress reports to AQU Catalunya at the latest by 4 October 2010.

PDF Experimental Monitoring Programme of recognised Bachelor and Master’s degrees. Planning of stage two. (18 June 2010)


Planificació de la segona fase del Programa Experimental de Seguiment



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