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Second call for applications in 2009 for the accreditation of research and advanced research by senior lecturers professors and professors

With the publication in the Official Journal of the Catalan Government (DOGC) of Resolution IUE/2144/2009, dated 21 July, and Resolution IUE/2145/2009, dated 21 July, public notification is given of the agreement regarding the procedure for issuing accreditations for research and advanced research by senior lecturers and professors, respectively.

Applications for the issuance of accreditation for the research or the advanced research will be accepted as of 15 October and the closing date is 30 October. The application submission procedure is given on the AQU Catalunya website.

Notification of the results of the research and advanced research accreditation process will be sent to those concerned within a maximum of six months subsequent to the making of the initial calls.

As of this call for applications, if an application for the accreditation of either research or advanced research is denied, in order for a new application to be made, one year must pass from the time the call to which an unsuccessful application was made before a new application can be made.

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