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Workshop on research assessment in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Catalan universities

The AQU Catalunya workshop, The assessment of research by university academic staff in the Humanities and Social Sciences, is being held at the University of Barcelona on 28-29 January. The workshop sessions will be inaugurated by the Minister of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise, Josep Huguet, accompanied by the Rector of the University of Barcelona, Dídac Ramírez, and the AQU President, Joaquim Prats.

This year's workshop will have the highest number of both papers and participants out of the eleven times that this event for discussion and deliberation has been organised. Around 400 people are expected to attend the approximately sixty papers being presented by academics and scientists, who will deal with the more controversial aspects concerning research in the Humanities and Social Sciences and approaches to bring about maximum consensus.

The discussions will focus on issues such as the geographical delimitation of research subjects in the Humanities and Social Sciences, the dissemination of research papers, the diversity of disciplines and the aims of study in these areas and, ultimately, the assessment of research. The conclusions that are reached will serve to enhance the current standards for research assessment in Catalonia.

The papers to be presented are available on the AQU website, together with other relevant documentation for the workshop. The conclusions from the workshops and videos of the event will also be made available. AQU has also started a blog (elBloc) for those who will be unable to attend the workshop.

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