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Review of the teacher assessment programme (junior lecturers and auxiliary teaching staff), 2003-2010

The AQU's CLIC Commission (which deals with junior lecturer and auxiliary/collaborating teaching staff) was set up on 26 March 2003, pursuant to article 145 of the Catalan Universities Act/LUC, with a view to establishing the criteria for the ex-ante assessment (prior to recruitment) of junior lecturer and auxiliary teaching staff, and to define the corresponding procedures and carry out the assessment process.

The structure of the CLiC is as follows: a plenary, which consists of the chairperson and seven members, and six special review panels according to subject area. Between 2003-2010, a total of approximately three hundred reviewers sat on the CLiC commission. 

  Active members Former members Reviewers Total
Humanities 8 21 6 35
Socials Sciences 9 16 101 126
Sciences 5 7 14 26
Life Sciences 5 7 5 17
Medical and Health Sciences 5 8 17 30
Engineering and Architecture 10 14 27 51
Total 42 73 170 285

During this time, eighteen (18) calls for applications were made for the assessment of junior lecturers and 5,060 applications were received, of which 3,003 (60%) were favourably assessed. Fifteen calls were made for auxiliary/collaborating teaching staff and 4,275 applications were received, of which 2,750 (66%) were favourably assessed.

Since the coming into effect of the Catalan Universities Act (LUC) and the contractual recruitment of university teaching staff, contract staff (auxiliary, junior lecturer, senior lecturer and professorial positions) at the public universities in Catalonia increased from 141 in 2003 to 1,930 in 2010. Out of the 5,906 teachers who were favourably assessed by the Agency, 1,826 were contract staff (30.9%).

PDF Results of the reports issued for junior lecturer and auxiliary teaching staff 2003-2010 (overall results, according to review panel and institution)

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