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The Joan Rodés Awards for the recruitment of clinical researchers

Dr. Joan Rodés Dr. Joan Rodés at a meeting of the AQU Board of Management.

The terms of Joan Rodés contracts have been published by the Institut de Salut Carlos III, the public research organisation that funds, manages and carries out biomedical research in Spain. For the very first time, use is being made of the name of a professional who is currently working in the field for a public call for applications for research contracts.

Joan Rodés award contracts are a homage to the work of the ex-Director General of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (2003-2008), who is also one of the leading promoters and director of the IDIBAPS (1997-2008).

Dr. Joan Rodés is currently professor emeritus at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona (UB), and a member of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC). He is also the chair of AQU's Research Assessment Commission and member of the AQU Catalunya Board of Management since 2003.

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