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AQU Catalunya takes part in the ACPUA seminar

On 23 February, AQU Catalunya participated in the seminar, "Measuring the integration of graduates into the world of work: a seminar on good practices" organised by the Agencia de Calidad y Prospectiva Universitaria de Aragón (ACPUA).

During the seminar, the Agency for Quality Assurance in the Galician University System (ACSUC), which has been carrying out surveys and studies on graduate employment outcomes since 2001, similar to AQU Catalunya, presented the results and findings of the latest graduate employment outcomes survey. The survey, together with all the previous studies, are available and can be consulted on the ACSUC website.

Dealing more specifically with Aragón, the Universidad de San Jorge presented the studies on graduate employment outcomes undertaken by the university and how they are used to improve and enhance information processes and guidance for students. The chair of the Social Council at the Universidad de Zaragoza presented the data for graduate employment based on social security figures. The Government of Aragón also presented its plans to carry out a telephone survey in 2017 of graduates who completed their studies at universities in Aragón three years ago. The results will be comparable, in terms of graduate employment outcome indicators, with those obtained by AQU Catalunya for universities in Catalonia.

Anna Prades, project manager for Internationalisation and Knowledge Generation at AQU Catalunya, gave a presentation on the use of indicators in programme diagnosis, review and decision-making (by way of an improvement plan). In the recent "Ways to improve training in nursing" workshop organised by the Agency, an example was presented of the way in which indicators from different sources (