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Start of the activities of the Scientific Committee for the Ocupadors/Employers project

Comissió científica del projecte Ocupadors

The Scientific Committee is responsible for designing the questionnaire that is to be sent to 1,000 business establishments in Catalonia, within the framework of the Ocupadors/Employers study. The survey is to be carried out in June 2014, and the Committee will supervise the design of the population and sample. The basis for the questionnaire will be the Eurobarometer survey and other more recent instruments such as the Skills survey. The Committee is also responsible for designing the script for the focus groups that will be held throughout 2015 in the second stage of the project.

The members of the Committee are Jaume Garcia (UPF), who is the committee chairman, Ferran Mañé (URV), Joan Miquel Verd (UAB), Pilar Figuera (UB), Santiago Gilbert (CEMEX, as an employers' representative) and the director of AQU, Martí Casadesús.

The AQU president, Josep Joan Moreso, participated in the Scientific Committee's first work session held on 19 February in which he highlighted the strategic importance of the Obra Social La Caixa-funded project, which complements the triennial study on the labour market outcomes (destinations) of graduates from Catalan universities. The possibility of combining the two studies is an important opportunity for the relevance of course and programme design to be reviewed.