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AQU Catalunya publishes a catalogue of scientific journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The catalogue contains more than 21,000 journal titles divided up according to areas of knowledge and disciplines. The listing is a result of the study on the profile of merits for the assessment of non-civil servant tenured staff (excluding the post of professor) in the Humanities and Social Sciences, concerning which an initial overview is given in the publication Research Assessment in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The objective of the AQU catalogue of scientific journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences is to give support to the Agency's processes of academic staff assessment. The listings, drawn up on the basis of the indices for 2008, give the quality indices for each journal title, including the corresponding quartile in the ISI, IN-RECS and/or RESH and the classification in the CARHUS+ and ERIH. The catalogue also gives the value for the MIAR secondary diffusion index.


Excel Philology
Excel Philosophy
Excel Geography
Excel History and Art

Social Sciences

Excel Political Science and Sociology
Excel Communication and Documentation
Excel Law
Excel Economics and Business Studies
Excel Education
Excel Psichology

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