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AQU Catalunya receives the site-visit of ENQA external review panel

The process of international external review identifies and recognises QA agencies that operate in accordance with the European standards and guidelines (ESG) and offers a way to judge the level of conformity of an agency with the ESG

The external review panel appointed by ENQA entrusted with the review of AQU Catalunya is composed of the following:

  • David Timms, Higher Education Consultant, UK – Chair
  • Agnes Leinweber, German Accreditation Council (GAC), Germany – Secretary
  • Teresa Sánchez, Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI), France
  • Tia Loukkola, European University Association (EUA)
  • Nadja Kiiskinen – European Students' Union

The review panel visited the Agency on 29-30 May 2012 and held interviews with the following groups:

  • The AQU Board of Management
  • The management and heads of the various sections and departments of AQU Catalunya
  • The AQU Quality Assurance Commission (CAQ)
  • The AQU's teaching staff and research commissions (CLiC Commission and the Research Assessment/CAR Commission)
  • The AQU Student Commission
  • Experts in programme and institutional review
  • University QA units
  • AQU Catalunya staff
  • Secretariat for Universities and Research

The preliminary report is due to be issued by July. AQU Catalunya may appeal or make relevant clarifications regarding any aspects of the panel's external review report. The panel then issues the final review report, which is referred to the ENQA Board and EQAR for their decision regarding whether the Agency should continue to be a full member of ENQA and be registered with EQAR

  • ENQA
  • EQAR
  • ISO

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