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Meeting with the vice rectors for students in Catalan universities

The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) acknowledges students as members of the university community with full rights and envisages that they should actively take part in processes for the quality assurance and improvement of teaching. Accordingly, in order to define specific initiatives to encourage such participation, AQU Catalunya organised a meeting with the vice rectors for students of Catalan universities.

This meeting was held on 15 May and stemming from it the following activities have been planned:

  • To foster the setting up of a student advisory committee to the Quality Assessment Committee.
  • To offer everyone courses intended for students which, as of 2005, have been organised in conjunction with universities in order to address the means by which students can be involved in assessment processes and the preparation of new syllabuses.
  • To promote the organisation of conference sessions on student involvement which shall be coordinated by the vice rectors for students.


The meeting with the vice rectors for teaching staff was held at the
AQU Catalunya offices on 15 May

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