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The quality assurance of teaching staff enhanced through AQU's online application processes

Beginning with the forthcoming call for applications for the issue of accreditation for research and advanced research, closure date 15 October, applications for accreditation can be made via the Generalitat's online applications facility (Oficina Virtual de Tràmits/OVT).

Online access to the OVT will great simplify the entering of data for applications, reduce the number of documents to be submitted and speed up the entire application process.

The migration of the application entry system to the OVT will enable applicants to make all application formalities online, including downloading of the application form and return of the form together with all attached necessary documentation.
Unlike the former CAT365 website, access to the OVT will be direct and no username, password or digital certification will be necessary. The form for the acknowledgement of receipt of the application must be printed out, signed and then sent by normal post to AQU Catalunya.

The platform is also set up for use of the more commonly used forms of digital signature for signing the application form, such as: IDCAT certificate, electronic ID, the digital signature certificate for professionals, Camerfirma, etc.

The Generalitat's OVT online applications facility is to be gradually extended to cover all other teaching staff QA processes, including the assessment of merits in research and the issue of pre-recruitment reports for tenure-track teaching staff.

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