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AQU Catalunya to review the modifications to all recognised degree programmes in Catalonia

The broadening of the framework agreement for collaboration signed by ANECA and AQU Catalunya enables the Catalan Agency to review all modifications to recognised degrees as proposed by Catalan universities. AQU Catalunya will accordingly carry out all of the processes – ex-ante assessment, monitoring, modification and accreditation – involved in the review of degree programmes taught at Catalan universities.

In order to provide the traceability of proceedings that occur as a result of the addenda to the agreement, ANECA and AQU have formally agreed to exchange documentation and information on these processes and to provide access to the computing platform used for review.

In addition, with AQU Catalunya's proven experience in carrying out studies on graduate labour market outcomes, and the fact that the indicators obtained from these studies are used in quality assurance processes, ANECA and AQU will start to carry out a national survey on the labour market outcomes of university graduates in Spain, based on the survey, methodology and software developed by AQU Catalunya.

The two agencies will also collaborate in jointly establishing the required evaluation protocols, in accordance with international quality standards, and drawing up all necessary status and foresight reports.

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