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New closing dates for applications for the assessment of merits in research of civil servant teaching and research staff

Plenari de la CAR

The Secretary-General for Universities has extended the deadline for a decision by the Spanish Research Assessment Commission (CNEAI) in relation to applications made for the assessment of research by public service teaching and research staff at public universities in Catalonia until 30 November 2013.

The CNEAI's review of research by university academic staff who request assessment, within the framework of the review procedure established by AQU Catalunya and according to its requirements and particular characteristics, has been recognised by the Agency since 2006.

In order to bring the Agency's call for applications in line with the new calendar of the CNEAI, the AQU's Research Assessment Commission has agreed to a new closing date for applications for the assessment of merits in research by civil servant teaching and research staff.

The closing dates for the 2011 call for applications are now as follows:

  • From 25 June to 19 July 2013, inclusive.
  • From 16 December 2013 to 31 January 2014, inclusive.
  • ENQA
  • EQAR
  • ISO

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