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Completion of fieldwork on 6th employment outcomes survey

Enquesta inserció laboral 2017

28 April marked the completion of fieldwork on the 6th edition of the employment outcomes survey on graduates from the Catalan university system.

Taking part in the study were graduates from the twelve public and private Catalan universities, thirty-two affiliated institutions and eight institutions offering Higher Education Degree Programmes in the Arts (EAS). The graduates taking part in the survey were as follows: Bachelor’s degree students graduating in 2013 (with the exception of students of Medicine, who graduated in 2010), students of Bachelor’s-level higher education degree programmes graduating in 2013 and 2014, Master’s degree students graduating in 2012 and 2013, and PhD holders who gave the defence of their PhD dissertations in 2012 and 2013.

The employment outcomes survey coordinated by AQU Catalunya stems from the interest of public and private Catalan universities and affiliated institutions in securing data and points of reference concerning the quality of access to the labour market experienced by their graduates. The first survey was conducted in 2001 and it has run every three years since with this year’s being the 6th edition. The results are expected to be presented in July.

The table below shows that the sampling error according to the type of study programme is below 10% and that the response rate is in the region of 50%.

Qualifications Population Sample % response % sampling error
Pre-Bologna Bachelor's degrees and degree programmes 33.515 17.497 52,2% 0,52%
Master's degrees 19.031 8.747 46,0% 0,79%
PhD's 2.548 1.360 53,4% 1,85%
EAS 1.165 553 47,5% 3,08%
Total 56.259 28.157 50,05%  
150 international PhD holders (from a total of 1,436) also took part in the survey.

AQU Catalunya wishes to express its gratitude to graduates who took part in the study.