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Setting up of the AQU Student Commission

The AQU's Student Commission has now been set up, which, as an advisory body, will systematically monitor the university student body's viewpoint concerning review activities by the Agency.

The first meeting of this pathfinder committee at the nationwide level in Spain dealt with specifying the projects that it will be involved in:

  1. The Monitor project: to analyse information made publicly available in the monitoring of degrees adapted and brought into line with the European Higher Education Area.
  2. The Training programme: to enhance student involvement in the development of the programme of courses aimed at training the student body in university quality.
  3. The Internationalisation programme: to establish contacts at the European level in order to increase the presence of Catalan university students at this level.

Committee members may also suggest other projects of interest to the Agency that are in line with the aims of the committee to encourage student participation in quality assurance processes.

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