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LIREQA project launch meeting

Projecte LIREQA Source: SKVC

On Friday 17 March, the meeting to launch the LIREQA (Linking Academic Recognition and Quality Assurance) project was held at ISM University of Management and Economics (Vilnius, Lithuania).

This EU-funded project is coordinated by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) with AQU Catalunya taking part as a partner agency. The primary goal is to boost recognition of degree programmes by developing a host of recommendations in order to associate academic recognition with internal and external quality assurance.

The following institutions took part in the meeting:

  • SKVC (Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education), Lithuania
  • EP-Nuffic, The Netherlands
  • NOKUT, Norway
  • AIC (Academic Information Center), Latvia
  • CTI (Commission des titres d'ingénieur), France
  • ANECA, Spain,
  • AQU Catalunya

The meeting was also attended by members of the advisory body representing the Bologna process:

  • ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education)
  • EUA (European University Association)