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The Catalan universities reflect on the processes of validation, monitoring and modification

Around two hundred people from Catalan universities participated in the meta-evaluation session of the validation, monitoring and modification of recognised degree programmes organised by AQU Catalunya, in conjunction with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) on 6 March 2012.

The session had a twofold objective: on the one hand, to analyse the development and outcomes of the validation, monitoring and modification processes implemented to date and, on the other, to discuss aspects of the VSMA Framework that are still in the process of being developed, such as accreditation and obtaining feedback from the stakeholders by way of satisfaction surveys.

Those who attended (vice-rectors for quality and academic governance, programme academic coordinators, heads of quality units and students) were divided into five working groups that dealt with the following issues:

The Secretary for Universities and Research, Antoni Castellà, who brought the session to a close, thanked the Agency and the universities for their work and expressed his trust in that the conclusions reached during the session, which are to be published shortly, will serve to improve the QA processes used in the VSMA Framework.

Jornada de metaavaluació dels processos de verificació, seguiment i modificació

The secretary for Universities and Research, Antoni Castellà,
the UAB rector, Anna Ripoll, and the AQU president, Joaquim Prats.

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