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Seminar on Quality Assurance in Minsk

A day-long seminar, dedicated to various aspects of quality assurance in higher education was held in Minsk on 26 March. The event was organised in the framework of the programme "EU and Belarus: Sharing Knowledge" by the Brussels-based Office for a Democratic Belarus and its partner organisation the Office for European Expertise and Communication. This programme is aimed at enhancing channels for communication and exchange of experience and best practices between Belarusian experts in different areas and their colleagues from the EU, the Eastern partnership states and other.

Josep Grifoll, member of the board of Directors of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education representing Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency spoke about the role of ENQA in the European Higher Education Area, explained the organisation's principles of work and membership criteria, described main strands for national QA agencies, internal and external quality assurance procedures, guidelines for quality assurance and different ENQA projects: "ENQA a key player in the European Higher Education Area".

The seminar gathered more than 50 participants representing the Belarusian Ministry of Education, the National Institute for Higher Education, the National School on Higher Education, as well as representatives of different Belarusian universities from Minsk and the regions, members of students' initiatives and of NGOs working in the area of higher education.

Source: Office for a Democratic Belarus


PICTURE: Office for a Democratic Belarus

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