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AQU Catalunya releases a report on the situation of programmes in Design in Catalonia

Within the framework of the special agreement signed with the Ministry of Education, AQU Catalunya carries out the quality assurance of non-university bachelor-level programmes in Designin parallel with the quality assurance of university bachelor degree courses in the same subject.

The review and assessment of both types of programme together (university and non-university programmes in Design) has enabled the Agency to identify various aspects in both systems that can be improved and/or enhanced.

AQU Catalunya has just issued a Report on the situation of degree programmes in Design in Catalonia within the regulatory framework of the European Higher Education Area for programmes leading to awards in the Performing Arts and Plastic Arts,[ca] which analyses in greater detail the problems identified and gives recommendations aimed at the corresponding bodies relating to the structure of provision and regional considerations, the academic framework, the profile, management and training of teaching staff, and the master's programme.