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The assessment of the research of university teachers in Humanities and Social Sciences, under discussion

AQU Catalunya presents the scientific and academic community with the challenge of discussing the Assessment of the research in Humanities and Social Sciences. The proposed workshop is set within the 12th edition of the Workshops for Reflection and Discussion with the Catalan Universities and it is planned for 28 and 29 January 2010 at Barcelona University.

Despite the efforts to objectivise the assessment criteria, these fields have not had the broad consensus which should govern the assessment of the disciplines which they encompass. Some of the factors which explain this are the fact that these fields do not have such internationally accepted impact indicators as other scientific spheres, and the difficulty of fitting together an international focus and a projection in a more proximate environment.

The goal of the workshop is to reflect on the assessment of research in these fields in order to identify common references and to promote a greater consensus on assessment criteria

In order to assure as large a participation as possible, an attendance of approximately 250 people has been envisaged. The participants should represent the diversity of existing sensitivities and include teachers subject to accreditation, teachers with experience in assessment processes, teachers with a critical view of the bureaucratic assessment system, teachers with scientific recognition, academic officials of the Catalan universities, members of the teacher assessment committees, and assessment agency personnel. 

Registration may be made at the AQU Catalunya website as from 2 October 2009. The people who register may submit their contributions and opinions on the subject, which will be handled as workshop documentation.

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