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Approval of the modifications of the Activities Plan 2009

The Board of Directors, which is the supreme governing body of AQU Catalunya, has given its approval to the changes in the Activities Plan 2009 and to the preliminary project of the plan envisaged for 2010 as well as the budgets for next year.

The modifications of the Activities Plan 2009 mainly involve the incorporation of the actions derived from AQU Catalunya's Strategic Plan 2009-2012, while other changes stem from requests from the Catalan universities and from adjustments and clarifications which have arisen through the unfolding of the activities themselves. 

The most notable novelties include the following:

  • Assessment of institutional quality: the creation of an advisory committee to the Quality Assessment Committee, formed by students, the development of a General Framework for the involvement and participation of students in university life as well as the start-up of an experimental study on the monitoring of official teachings and internal quality assurance systems in Catalunya.
  • Assessment of teachers: the collaboration with the Open University of Catalunya (UOC) for the development and application of a Teacher Assessment Manual for e-learning support personnel (consultants and tutors) of that university.
  • ENQA
  • EQAR
  • ISO

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