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The employment outcomes of master's graduates just released on EUC Dades

The results of the survey of the employment outcomes of master's graduates in Catalonia have been available online at the EUC Data web portal since December 2018.

The purpose of EUC Data is to serve as a source of reference for and on the system of higher education and universities in Catalonia, where data on the quality of graduate employment outcomes and programme satisfaction can be consulted online.

The web portal, which up until now has given the results on graduates of first degrees and doctoral degrees from universities in Catalonia, will now offer data on the employment outcomes of master's graduates.

At the present time, the EUC Dades portal brings together data for 2017 on the employment outcomes of master's programmes delivered at universities in Catalonia, accounting for around 50% of all graduates who graduated 3-4 years previously. The data are therefore the most complete and robust in the system.

The data, which can can be downloaded in a report in different formats, enable users to compare the results of the employment outcomes survey in any given degree programme with the results obtained by homologous master's programmes in other institutions in Catalonia.

For example, the results of the University of Girona's Communication and Cultural Studies programme can be compared with the results of other programmes in Humanities:



The EUC Dades portal will shortly be updated with the new data on graduate satisfaction, which are currently being gathered at the present time (this winter).