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Work has already begun on the 5th graduate destinations survey (labour market outcomes)

The boards of trustees (consells socials) of all Catalan universities have been presented with the project to launch the fifth graduate destinations survey (labour market outcomes), which is to be carried out in 2014. The survey will cover all those who graduated from Catalan universities during and at the end of the 2009-2010 academic year. The envisaged timetable is as follows:

Timetable Action
2012/9-10 Definition and launching of the project
2012-2013/6 Drawing up, processing and signing of the agreements
2013/9-11 Tender and award of contract to the firm that will carry out the field work
2014/1-3 Field work
2014/4-6 Exploitation of results
2014/6 onwards Dissemination of the results

The graduate destinations survey, which has been carried out once every three years since 2001 by AQU Catalunya and the Catalan universities, is the most complete and thorough study on the labour market outcomes of graduates in Catalonia. The resulting database has served as the basis for numerous research studies on the transition of graduates to the labour market in Catalonia, including articles in specialist journals, papers presented at congresses and books.

The most important characteristic of the survey is that the results carry weight in university decision-making processes given that the indicators obtained from the survey are entered into the UNEIX and WINDDAT information systems, which are central to the monitoring and follow-up of recognised university degree programmes. 

Reunió amb els consells socials

The meeting was held on October 3

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