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Summary of teaching assessment in Catalan universities

Following its overall appraisal of teaching assessment in Catalan universities (2002-2012), AQU Catalunya presented the next moves in this field in the first DOCENTIA workshop on Good Practices organised by ANECA on 26 February.

Throughout the session, practices carried out within the framework of the DOCENTIA programme (which offers support in the assessment of teaching by faculty staff) were shared by QA agencies, teams of senior university officials and reviewers. With the main focus of interest being to cast a joint critical eye over the current models, particular mention was made of the solutions found to common problems and the improvements and enhancements developed in teaching assessment that, albeit voluntarily, a leading number of universities in Catalonia are involved in.

Of particular note among the conclusions were the importance of this type of assessment in the quality management of teaching by faculty staff and of encouraging its development and recognition; the need to simplify the model and to bring about more institutional involvement for obtaining consensus regarding the importance of the consequences of assessment; and also the willingness to reinforce university self-regulation and the role of the reviewers as facilitators of the process.

PDF PDF Teaching assessment in Catalan universities (2002-2012): Taking stock and the challenges ahead

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