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Results of the first survey on the satisfaction with the 2008 academic staff assessment

For the first time since the academic staff assessment programme was started in 2003, AQU Catalunya has carried out a survey of applicants to establish how they appraise the assessment process. The most highly rated aspect was the service and assistance received from the Agency, with 90% of responses being positive, while the lowest rated aspect was the argumentation and grounds of the report. 

The initiative, which forms part of the programme to enhance review processes and user satisfaction with the services of AQU, involved the participation of applicants for reports for tenure-track lecturers, research accreditation (assistant professors) and advanced research (full professor), within the first 2008 call for applications.

Satisfaction with the assistance received
During 2007, over 1,200 inquiries in person were dealt with, together with 3,800 telephone calls and nearly 700 e-mail inquiries. Over 90% of all applicants assessed the assistance received from the Agency’s staff as being either positive or highly positive. 

Degree satisfaction with the information received from AQU

Tenure-track lecturers

Assistant and full professors

Very positive









Very negative



Satisfaction with the accessibility of documentation
The accessibility of information on the website (on a scale from 1 to 5) was overall rated at 3.5. The aspects most highly rated by tenure-track lecturers were the standard application form and the CV form, while in the case of assistant and full professors, it was the standard application form and the minimum eligibility requirements for calls. The lowest rated aspect, in both cases, was the clarity of the information on the assessment criteria.

Regarding the assessment process
A good rating was given for the time taken to deal with applications, the adequacy of the dates for the calls for applications and the evidence to be submitted (projects, publications and patents), together with other data for the assessment of merits. The lowest rated aspect was the composition of the review panels.

A mere pass level for satisfaction with the assessment criteria
One key question was the adequacy and the level of exigency of the assessment criteria with the merits associated with each criterion. Although applicants qualified the criteria as being demanding, these were considered to be adequate and were rated at 3 on a scale of 1 to 5.

Opportunities for enhancement
The aspect that was rated the lowest was the applicants' assessment of the arguments and grounds given for a negative assessment, on the basis of the reasons being unclear. As a result, the Agency has set in motion actions to improve the reports.


  Tenure-track lecturers Assisstant and full professors


250 295

No. of respondents

114 (45.6%) 134 (45.4%)
Margin of error (with a 95% level of confidence) 6.8% 6.3%
Positive assessment 70.4% 57.4%
Negative assessment 29.6% 42.6%
Methodology Questionnaire by e-mail, with space given for comments
Survey dates 12-25 February

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