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A delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina visits AQU Catalunya

A group of rectors and vice-rectors from the public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina met at AQU Catalunya to analyse the first results of the international review of thirty-three (33) programmes at Bosnian universities.

This pilot review process forms part of the TEMPUS project, the aim of which is to establish a system for the accreditation of degree courses in Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with the European standards for quality assurance. This process, which provides a system of international benchmarking, forms the basis of possible agreements regarding academic mobility.

AQU Catalunya, as a member of the consortium that manages the TEMPUS project, was responsible for reviewing six degree courses, in which staff from the UB, UPC, URV and UdL universities were involved.

A collaboration agreement was signed between the Agency and the state-run University of East Sarajevo during the visit with the aim of facilitating joint projects in quality assurance.

Una delegació de Bòsnia i Hercegovina visita AQU Catalunya

The meeting was held on 2 April. 

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