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AQU Catalunya at the 8th European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF)


AQU Catalunya took part in the eighth European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF), entitled Working together to take quality forward, which was held at the University of Goteborg, Sweden, on 21-23 November.

The development of systems for quality assurance and enhancement is not meant to lead to the mechanisation or bureaucratisation of QA processes. On the contrary, complexity in the university education sector means that new ways of distributing responsibilities (between QA agencies and universities) are required, together with a more precise approach to QA processes in different real-life situations. It was made apparent at the EQAF that ways need to be found to better involve people so that the effectiveness and efficiency of QA mechanisms are enhanced, while at the same time addressing the interests of society, in the broadest sense of the term.

 PDF Yes, there is impact. But is it positive, negative or "none of the above"?, UAB-AQU

The EQAF, an annual event organised jointly by the EUA, ENQA, EURASHE and the ESU, is the European conference on quality assurance in higher education that brings together the key actors (higher education institutions, QA agencies and students), and It provides a unique platform for higher education and QA communities to monitor, shape and anticipate developments in the field.