Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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714 experts participated in quality assurance procedures conducted by AQU Catalunya in 2018

Two of the main services undertaken by AQU Catalunya – the quality assurance and review of programmes and institutions, on the one hand, and teaching staff, on the other – are carried out with the cooperation of external experts. The work of these experts imparts rigour, technical independence and professionalism to the services offered by the Agency.

In 2018, AQU Catalunya worked with 714 independent experts who produced programme and institutional review reports, as well as review reports on teaching staff.

41% of these experts were female. Special mention is made of the Agency's determination to reach gender parity in the review panels and to increase the number of women in the position of chairperson on these panels.

As regards the place of origin of the experts, half (50%) were from Catalonia. 44% of the rest were from the rest of Spain and 6% were from abroad.

Starting in 2017, the Agency has established and maintains a pool of QA experts who broaden the range of skills of its review and evaluation panels.

Illustration 1. Experts according to gender (2018)


Graphic 1. Experts according to place of origin (2018)

Graphic 2. Experts according to field of knowledge (2018)