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90% of the readers of the AQU's on-line journal, elButlletí, consider it useful for their professional interests

The information on university quality that the public Agency publishes once every two months on its website is widely accepted by the readers. This is confirmed by the results of the first survey on the contents, accessibility, image and frequency of publication of the elButlletí.

90% of those who replied to the questionnaire made a positive assessment of the content of elButlletí and considered it interesting and useful for their work. 91% stated that the information published in elButlletí is useful for finding out about and understanding the activities carried out by AQU Catalunya.

According to the results of the survey, 73% of the replies noted that the information given is straightforward and suitably organised in the various sections, the opinion column and information. The readers also liked the conciseness of the information published, and the majority (93%) were of the opinion that its scope is suitable for achieving its objectives.

Positive considerations were also made regarding its corporate image: 87% of those surveyed considered it to be either attractive or very attractive, and 68% considered its main characteristic to be its clarity.

In terms of frequency of publication, 82% of the readers positively assessed the publication of elButlletí once every two months.

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