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Winddat, a tool for monitoring recognised degree programmes and awards

The UNEIX inter-university information system, which gathers data and provides homogeneous, comparable and reliable information for the monitoring of university programmes of study, was set up by the Catalan government, the Catalan universities and AQU Catalunya to provide all the necessary indicators, one of the key elements used by the universities in their annual programme monitoring, to exercise competence in matters concerning the universities and higher education. The Agency has subsequently developed Winddat, a publicly-available webpage where data are displayed on the demand for places, entrance grades, the number of places offered, student achievement rate, etc., all of which can be used by the university authorities to produce their own progress reports and make comparisons with data on other programmes offered in Catalonia.

The information contained in Winddat fundamentally refers to the academic outcomes of the universities (the seven public universities in Catalonia) that form part of what is now the ten-year old UNEIX project. These seven universities participate in the university admissions pre-registration process and have also participated right from the very beginning in the surveys on graduate labour market outcomes carried out by AQU Catalunya. It is envisaged that, in the medium term, Winddat will provide indicators, and to the same level of detail, on all universities in the higher education system in Catalonia, all of which have been participating in the UNEIX project for the last two years and, since 2011, in the survey on graduate labour market outcomes carried out by the Agency once every three years. 


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