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Deadline for the submission of monitoring reports on Bachelor and Master's degrees: 1 to 20 April

The period for submitting monitoring reports on recognised degree programmes for the 2009-2010 academic year has been set for 1st-20th April. Universities must inform AQU Catalunya of the Bachelor and Master's programmes that will participate in the monitoring prior to 15 March, bearing in mind that the objective is for 50% of all newly-introduced degrees to take part.

The monitoring process is described in the Guide to the monitoring of recognised Bachelor and Master's degree programmes [ca] and has been agreed to by the Catalan universities. The process is a result of the Experimental monitoring programme of recognised Bachelor and Master's degrees and the Guidelines and recommendations for degree monitoring reports [ca], which was produced as a result of the experimental programme.

The process starts with the universities submitting the monitoring reports. Each university will also have to submit a report with an assessment of the introduction of the participating degree programmes and their overall situation within the university.

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