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AQU Catalunya participates in the Fourth European Quality Assurance Forum

The Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency participated in the Fourth European Quality Assurance Forum, held at the Copenhagen School of Business on 19-21 November. At the congress, which was organised by the E4 (ENQA, ESU, EUA and EURASHE), the representatives of AQU presented two contributions resulting from the Agency's work and its collaboration with other regional QA agencies.

In the first one, AQU presented how students are being trained by the agency and the universities in Catalonia. This contribution was well received, given the importance of student involvement in quality assurance in higher education, together with the high priority of this on the agenda of agencies and universities at the European level.

PDF Student involvement in Catalonia

In the second one, AQU presented a paper developed together with two other Spanish regional QA agencies, ACSUCYL and ACSUG, by which explained how the application of the ISO internal quality assurance standards has been useful to these agencies (all three have ISO 9001 certification; AQU since 2000) as a basis for complying with the European Standards and Guidelines.

PDF Experiences in using ISO 9001 to meet the ESG in three Spanish agencies

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