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AQU Catalunya publishes the Guide to the monitoring of recognised doctoral programmes

Guia per al seguiment dels programes de doctorat

Doctoral programmes are subject to the same procedures of validation (ex ante accreditation), monitoring and accreditation as those applicable to recognised Bachelor and Master’s programmes. These procedures are laid down in current Spanish legislation (Royal Decree 1393/2007, 29 October) dealing with the academic governance of recognised higher education programmes and awards.

Going beyond the legal requirement, the monitoring of doctoral programmes has two fundamental objectives. On the one hand, it needs to serve a useful tool for management in the university to facilitate internal assessment of programme delivery through the analysis of a series of indicator values (theses defended, employment outcomes of doctorate holders, satisfaction of doctorate holders and teachers, etc.), so that a diagnosis can be made of the actual situation and enhancement proposals drawn up. Monitoring, together with the site visit made to the educational establishment, serves as the main evidence for the accreditation of doctoral programmes.

PDF Guide to the monitoring of recognised doctoral programmes [ca]