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AQU Catalunya at the second edition of the conference “Future generations for ICTs: tools for teachers”

AQU Catalunya is taking part in the conference “Future generations for ICTs: tools for teachers” organised by the educational association Itscool. The conference, which is taking place today 26 April at the Palau Macaya, is being attended by AQU Catalunya director Martí Casadesús. The director is giving a presentation alongside Joan Francesc Córdoba, a technician from the Directorate General for Universities, under the theme: “ICTs at university: the ICT option and the degree of student satisfaction”.

During his presentation, Martí Casadesús will be setting out the results of the graduate satisfaction survey promoted by AQU Catalunya, the first pilot trial for which took place in 2015. These thorough and comprehensive results are highly important as they gather the opinions of graduates virtually from the entire Catalan university system: students from the seven public universities and from three of the four private universities.

An in-depth review of the responses given by students who graduated in Computing in 2014-2015 makes it possible to conclude that the aspect most highly regarded by this group of graduates has to do with the education received throughout their study programme while the lowest-rated aspect was the education methodology. Nevertheless, graduate satisfaction with this study programme is above the overall average