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Re-evaluation of the future of university teaching staff

The Tenth edition of the AQU workshops were held at the University of Girona's Parc Tecnològic on October 16 and 17. The proposed discussion for this year was university teaching staff in a context characterised by a complex structure in which the following issues, amongst others, can be identified:

  • To what degree does the current legal framework condition the management of teaching staff with regard to teaching posts, selection mechanisms and processes, and salary? 
  • Are the current accreditation and recruitment mechanisms the most appropriate for finding the best teachers? Are there any alternative models? 
  • Spain is one of the few exceptions within Europe where university teaching staff are assessed by outside entities. To what extent should this work be redistributed between the QA agencies and the universities? 
  • Implementation of the EHEA has direct implications for teaching, in terms of both the learning process and teaching. Are there sufficient teacher training elements to handle this new model?

The Rector of the University of Girona, Anna Maria Geli, the Commissioner for Universities and Research, Blanca Palmada, and the AQU Director, Javier Bará, will be responsible for the opening of a workshop, which will include the participation of the Spanish Secretary of State for Universities, Màrius Rubiralta; the MICINN Director General for Universities, Felipe Pétriz; the CUR Director General for Universities, Joan Majó; the ACUP President, Josep Joan Moreso; and the ANECA Director, Gemma Rauret, amongst others. The AQU president, Joaquim Prats, will bring the workshops to a close.

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