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Process for certifying degrees within the pilot plan for adaptation to the EHEA gets underway

In order to assure the quality of degrees implemented on the context of the pilot plan for adaptation to the European Higher Education Area, AQU Catalunya has embarked on the procedure for certification of those degrees. Nine Catalan universities are taking part in this process with some 53 degrees, 47 of which are undergraduate programmes and 6 are masters.

In order to perform the certification, AQU Catalunya has set up the respective assessment committees according to the field of knowledge, each of which will have five members: a chair, two academics (one of whom will be in charge of a pilot test), a student and a methodologist with expertise in quality assurance systems. Committee members will examine the proposals put forward individually and, subsequently, draw up a final report on the outcomes in a plenary session.

Aside from certifying the adaptation of degrees within the pilot plan, AQU Catalunya has planned this process in order to gather recommendations which could be applied to the quality assurance of official degrees.

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