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AQU Catalunya participates in the 2nd ENQA Members' Forum

Around one hundred people from 31 countries participated in the ENQA Members' Forum 2012, held in Paris on 23-24 April. The Forum provided a platform for discussion on the following two topical issues:

Impact of Quality Assurance. Many countries have or are planning to evaluate the impact of their external quality assurance system; the interest among member agencies to discuss this topic is great. ENQA wished to explore the question whether external QA really enhances the quality of HEIs and their services and launched the Working Group on Impact of Quality Assurance.

Independence. Another issue of great interest to QA agencies is independence, as it is a prerequisite for credibility and mutual trust and is one of the main features of the European dimension of QA. ENQA wished to explore which the main threats to independence are and how to ensure harmony between agencies, government and HEIs.

Josep Grifoll, Head of AQU's Quality Assessment department and member of the ENQA Board, presented a paper entitled Measuring impact, enhancing EQA.

PDF PDF Measuring impact, enhancing EQA, Josep Grifoll

The Forum took place a few days before the eighth Bologna Process/ EHEA Ministerial Conference and third edition of the Bologna Policy Forum, held in Bucharest (26-27 April). 

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