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New edition of the quality-assessment training course for students

From 13 to 17 July, Ramon Llull University, with the collaboration of AQU Catalunya, will be holding the course entitled The Role of Students in the New University Quality Processes, with the aim to train students in the processes addressed to improving quality within the frame of the university. They will be made acquainted with all the key elements that will allow them to take an active part in these processes and to act as assessors in them. The course is open to students from other universities as well.

The fostering of courses for the promotion of the participation of students in quality assurance is set within the frame of the actions which were agreed on at the meeting between AQU Catalunya and the vice-rectors for student affairs of the Catalan universities. These actions also include the development of a General Framework for the involvement and participation of students in university life, and the creation of an advisory committee to the Quality Assessment Committee, formed exclusively by students.

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