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TeSLA meeting in Sofia


The third face-to-face meeting of the 18 partners forming the TeSLA project consortium was held in Sofia, (Bulgaria) on May 9, 10 and 11, 2017. The first two days were held at the University of Sofia, while the third one took place at the Technical University of Sofia (both universities are participating in the project).

The meeting had different objectives, including the presentation of the current status of the project to an External Advisory Board, as well as the settlement of doubts associated with technical, legal and dissemination aspects. AQU Catalunya presented the current status of its working group (WP4), next steps for future pilots and the conclusions of the analysis of the results of the first pilot. These results were obtained from the first meeting of the experts in the Head Panel participating in the WP4.

Currently, the 7 pilot universities are in different stages of execution of the second pilot. At the global level, the project is about to finish the first half of implementation. For this reason, one of the main aims of the meeting was to prepare the second stage of the project and to define the details of the two phases of the third pilot, which begins in September of the 2017-18 academic year.