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Degree-job match and the influence of family status, academic background and gender: key issues in the latest studies on the labour market outcomes of Catalan graduates

The Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency, with the collaboration of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), is organising a workshop, University education and employment, to be held on 23 March, in which the results will be presented of three studies on the labour market/employment outcomes of graduates from universities in Catalonia, based on the surveys carried out periodically by the Agency.

The first study to be presented analyses the relationships between family status, academic background and employment (Jordi Planas and Sandra Fachelli, Department of Sociology, UAB); the second makes an in-depth examination of university education in relation to the needs of the labour market (job-degree match) (Enric Corominas, Department of Pedagogy, UdG); and the third, which was undertaken with the collaboration of the Catalan Institute for Women, deals with the quality of labour market outcomes in relation to gender, and puts forward an explanatory model for entry into work and employment for female graduates (Anna Prades, AQU).

Given that these studies are based on surveys that do not reflect the current economic situation, the workshop will conclude with a round table with the social stakeholders, the aim being to highlight the key role that the universities play in educating and preparing professionals in order for them to adapt according to the immediate economic and social requirements. The round table will be coordinated by the AQU President, Joaquim Prats, and include the participation of the President of the Social Council, University of Lleida, Ramon Roca; the ENDESA ombudsman, José Luis Oller ; CEO of Foment de Treball (Employment Promotion), Joaquin Trigo; and the CEO of Cercle d'Economia, Jordi Alberich.

Approximately one hundred and fifty (150) people will take part, including members of university social councils, vice-rectors in charge of graduate labour market/employment outcomes, the heads and members of technical quality units and job centres and careers advisory services at Catalan universities, academics, as well as experts in employment, staff from quality assurance agencies and social agents.

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