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AQU Catalunya leads ENQA’s working group VIII on quality assurance and e-learning


Esther Huertas, during her presentation in Brussels

ENQA’s working group VIII on quality assurance and e-learning acknowledges that much has been done already in the area of quality assurance and e-learning, however, as it would seem existing work has not yet been adequately adopted, the group sees a need to improve it, to raise the discussion by providing more neutral, reality-based, concrete examples – bearing in mind the diverse user profiles and forms of e-provision and that online education comes with its own specific competencies – and by referring more explicitly to the ESG.

The group aims to determine how this non-traditional form of education can be evaluated using traditional methodologies.

The group’s works were presented by Esther Huertas, senior adviser to AQU Catalunya, at the Quality Assurance in the European context seminar, which was held in Brussels on 14 and 15 July 2018.


PDF QA in practice –using the ESG to assess e-learning

 PDF Report Considerations for Quality Assurance of e-learning provision


Source: European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).