Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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AQU Catalunya drafts Catalan qualifications framework

170508_Grup de treball Marc català de qualificacions

AQU Catalunya has set up a working group in order to prepare a draft of the Catalan Qualifications Framework for Higher Education Study Programmes (advanced vocational qualifications, artistic and university Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and PhD’s).

The new Catalan framework must be aligned with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the Spanish Qualifications Framework (MECES) and should serve as an instrument for promoting lifelong learning whilst offering a tool for facilitating mobility and recognition of academic education both nationally and internationally. The levels are described in terms of learning outcomes defined as a statement of a student’s knowledge, understanding and capacity upon graduating.

On 8 May, the committee of national and international experts was set up with the task of drawing up this framework, which will encompass the aforesaid perspectives: national and international. The members of this working group are as follows:

  • Gemma Rauret (University of Barcelona), chairperson
  • Nick Harris (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education)
  • Bruno Curvale (Centre international d'études pedagògiques)
  • Sebastián Rodríguez (University of Barcelona)
  • Lluís Jofre (Technical University of Catalonia)
  • Miquel Mirambell (Catalan Ministry of Education)
  • Carme Ortiz Valero (Catalan Ministry of Education)
  • Josep Manel Torres (AQU Catalunya), secretary

This project is partly funded through the INQAAHE 2016-2017 call for grants for research and innovation projects.