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Presentation of the findings of the satisfaction survey of bachelor's and master's graduates to AQU's technical committee for surveys


In the photo, Lorena Bernáldez, technical adviser at AQU Catalunya, during the presentation of the findings of the satisfaction survey

A meeting of AQU Catalunya's Technical Committee for Surveys was held at the Agency on 24 May to monitor joint projects.

AQU Catalunya's technical staff presented the findings of the latest satisfaction survey of first degree (bachelor's) graduates (2015-2017) and master's graduates (2017).

Details were then given of the technical aspects of the survey that were revised:

    • A revision was made of the indicators: identification of the indicators needed for the new survey by means of a reliability and satisfaction analysis,
    • A series of indicators associated with the accreditation standards were proposed for the accreditation procedure,
    • A revision of the survey itself: this was undertaken taking into account the correlation analysis. The database was also cleaned up.

Lastly, a presentation was made of the report on the employment outcomes of master's graduates, which was published at the end of 2017.