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TeSLA project: face-to-face meeting of the Head Panel to prepare the evaluation of the second round of pilots

688520 - TeSLA - H2020-ICT-2015/H2020-ICT-2015

On July 14, 2017, the external experts in the main review panel of the TeSLA project (Head panel) were convened at AQU Catalunya for their second meeting. The first meeting was held on 25 April.

This second meeting between the three partners in WP4 (AQU Catalunya, ENQA and EQANIE) and the Head panel aimed to define the working plan for evaluating the second round of pilots that the seven pilot universities conducted between January and June 2017. This time, the evaluation will involve three new panels of experts (Regular panels) that will analyse the results of the pilot using a fit-for-purpose assessment methodology that attends to the TeSLA context. It is worth noting that this new evaluation process will also include online interviews between the regular panels and the pilot universities.