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Good reception at the international level for the AQU Quality Assurance Training Programme for Students

The Quality Assurance Training Programme for University Students is an activity that AQU Catalunya has been organising since 2005. Based on the standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the intention of this programme is to increase the culture of student participation in internal QA systems and external QA review processes.

During 2009, AQU Catalunya signed student training agreements with the UdL, URV and UOC. Together with the universities that previously signed in 2008 (UAB, UPC, URL and UIC), the Agency calculates that approximately one hundred students in the higher education system in Catalonia will receive training during 2010.

Representatives of the British QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) were interested in the programme and met with members of AQU in order to go into the details of this initiative. This training activity was also presented by the Catalan agency at the international level at the UNIVEST International Congress in Girona in November, made together with the UAB, and through the international dissemination given to the programme within the context of the EQAF 2009 (Fourth European Quality Assurance Forum) in Copenhagen.

The intention of AQU Catalunya is to be able to make the QA training programme for students widespread throughout the entire higher education system in Catalonia in order to increase their participation in quality assurance processes.

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