AgŔncia per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Guide to the Certification of IQAs Implementation


AQU Catalunya has published the Guide to the Certification of IQAs Implementation (internal quality assurance systems), which was endorsed by AQU's Quality Assurance Committee last month (April 2015).

Along the lines set out in the accreditation procedure, educational units (faculties, schools and departments) at universities (both main faculties and affiliated units) and other higher education institutions (for example, schools for the Performing Arts and Visual Arts) serve as the organisational unit of reference for certification given that they form the focus around which a series of programmes of study with similar disciplinary fields, physical and human resources and services are structured. Between them, they also share academic coordinators who lead the implementation and running of the IQAs. IQAs certification is therefore approached at the unit level, not at the specific level of study programmes run in the unit.

The objectives of the Guide are to:

  • Establish the pre-conditions for units (faculties, schools and departments) to apply for the certification of IQAs implementation.
  • Help units understand the details of the certification procedure so that they can act accordingly and place on a firmer footing those aspects considered to be of particular importance in IQAs implementation.
  • Ensure that both those in charge of implementing IQAs and those assessing IQAs implementation share the same terms of reference.

IQAS certification focuses on the quality assurance of study programmes and assisting institutions to improve within the framework of quality assurance and does not deal with an HEI's compliance with legal regulations.