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AQU Catalunya at the presentation of the report, "The teaching profession in Europe"


AQU Catalunya took part in a seminar organised by the Fundació Jaume Bofill for the presentation of the European Commission’s new report, "The Teaching Profession in Europe".

Peter Birch, coordinator of the European Commission’s educational policy and systems analysis, presented the latest publication by the EURYDICE Network "The Teaching Profession in Europe". The study combines qualitative information on each country’s regulations (from Eurydice) with statistical information from the OECD report, TALIS 2013, and gives comparative data on 35 European countries.

Following the presentation, three working groups discussed various enhancement proposals for the conditions in teaching, teacher training and the social prestige of teaching.

The Eurydice study, which aims to guide education policy at both European and national levels, is an interesting counterpoint to the study produced by AQU Catalunya with the support of Obra Social La Caixa on the opinion of educational institutes about initial teacher training, which was presented at an event on 26 October entitled "How to improve teacher training?"